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Who We Are

Priscilla Mayhew Murphy opens the doors of Mayhew Wine Shop with her brother and business partner John Murphy; and the helping hands of other close family members and friends.  Priscilla comes from a professional background in landscape design and forever holds appreciation for the earth, land, nature, and all that it provides.  From a young age, her father, Jeremiah Murphy, taught his children about fine wine from abroad: Gewurztraminer from Germany; Riesling from Alsace; Chablis, Sancerre, Sauternes, and Bordeaux from their respective corners of France; perfectly aged Port from Portugal; Madera from Spain.  The key to the unique taste and flavor is the territory within which the grapes are grown and the varying conditions that affect the growth period.  You can literally taste the characteristics of the territory.

Priscilla has carried this territory appreciation throughout her adult years as she has furthered her wine education through classes, vineyard visits, and constant tasting.  It is her mission to share this passion with others and expose people to places they may or may not go, but can experience through taste.

Social Outreach

Fort Point Arts Community

Mayhew Wine Shop is a proud member of FPAC and looks to sponsor local artists with rotating artwork collections displayed in the shop. Any interested parties may contact us here.


Mayhew Wine Shop is a dedicated supporter of B*Cured.  B*Cured’s mission is to end brain cancer by funding innovative research grants.  To date, B*Cured has awarded 14 grants to investigators searching for a cure for brain cancer at nationally ranked universities and hospitals.  Mayhew Wine Shop has a featured wine every month to fill “Pat’s Glass” to honor Patrick Kelly, Priscilla’s cousin who died of brain cancer in 2016.  15% of all proceeds from Pat’s glass are donated to B*Cured.


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