Wine Serving Temps!

It’s one of the questions we get here at Mayhew almost on a daily basis: what temperature should I serve this at? The bottom line is always to drink your wine exactly how you like it, but here are a few suggestions to get the absolute most out of each bottle!

Bubbles: 40-50 F -The colder the wine, the finer the bubbles stay, rather than becoming frothy. Once the bottle is open, keep it on ice until it’s gone, or you’re ready to seal it up and put it back in the fridge!

White and Rose: 49-55 F and up to 60 for a fuller-bodied, oaked wine. Think cool, crisp Pinot Grigio and slightly warmer, rounder Chardonnay.

Red: 62-68 - The higher end of the spectrum, like whites, is typically where we serve fuller-bodied reds like Cabernet and Syrah.

Serving temperature can affect both the aromas and flavors of all wine. A white that is served too cold can smell muted and taste too tart. Similarly, a red served too chilled can feel very astringent and tight. Wines served too warm can literally and figuratively “drink hot,” meaning that the alcohol is emphasized and the wine begins to taste too “boozy.“

A good guideline is the 30-minute rule - take a white out of the fridge 30 minutes before you want to serve, and drop a red in for 30 minutes before you want to open it.

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