Option 1 - Private Tasting, Rear Tasting Room


A private group can arrange a tasting in Mayhew Wine Shop’s rear tasting room at the rate of $50 per person. The topic for wine or beer education can be selected by the group; or the staff at Mayhew will be happy to provide topics to choose from. The tasting will last between 90-120 minutes and include wine and/or beer. The wine tasting includes 5 different selections and education will be provided by a Mayhew Wine Specialist. Charcuterie platters can be provided for an additional cost. The tastings are casual and fun and a great way to spend time together in a community atmosphere, while learning the story behind the wine, where it comes from, who makes it, and why we love it! 


Rates start at $500 for groups of up to 10 people, additional individuals are $50/person, with a maximum of 25 people. 


**Please note: Mayhew is licensed for an Off-Premise License and it is illegal to give full pours in an Off-Premise establishment. Tastings are permitted and legal tastings are administered to participants accordingly. 


Option 2 - Private Tasting Room Rental 


The Private Tasting Room can be rented for meetings or gatherings, by the hour. For groups that are 15 people or less the cost is $50/hour; and for groups that are 16-25 people the cost is $100/hour. It is permissible to bring food (catered or not) and non-alcoholic beverages into the space. It is not permissible to consume alcoholic beverages in the space unless consumed during a staff-led tasting event with measured pours. Mayhew can provide water free of charge and charcuterie plates by request for a modest cost. 


Option 3 - Private Use of Mayhew Wine Shop 


A large private group has the option of renting the entire space at Mayhew Wine Shop for a private party. For this to occur, the shop will be closed for the day. The rate for a full day Monday through Saturday is $3000 and the rate on Sunday is a partial day (6 pm and beyond) for $1000. The private group must have a caterer with a pouring license to administer pours. A member of the staff from Mayhew Wine Shop will be on site for the duration of the event to assist with logistical matters and any extra necessary details. The maximum capacity for a private event in the shop is 98 people. All events must end by 10:30 pm. 


The party that is renting the space must sign a Liability Waiver which assumes responsibility for all attendees present. When the Wine Shop is closed for business and a caterer has an active pouring license, full pours are allowed within the space, as opposed to “tastes.” All wine and beer for private events at Mayhew Wine Shop must be purchased at Mayhew. 


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