At Mayhew Wine Shop, we're driven to offer quality without pretense. We love good wine sourced from extraordinary vineyards – but we also believe that "good wine" doesn't have to mean "expensive wine". Our craft beer and cider section celebrates brewers from near and far for their reverence for stylistic purity -- or sometimes for their disdain for it. Our cheese selection celebrates the diversity in styles and flavors available from farmers in New England and around the world. Come and geek it up with us -- we love sharing why we love what we drink and sell here.

Fine Wine

Mayhew Wine Shop features 250+ distinct wines from around the world, including France, the US, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Spain/Portugal, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany/Austria.  All labels are selected for their quality representation of the land from whence they come and the labor that goes into their production.

Craft Beer & Cider

At Mayhew, we believe that beer and hard cider are beverages to be celebrated every bit as much as wine. With that in mind, we curate a small program of beers and ciders both foreign and local, hand-selected to showcase the incredible diversity in the world of brewing.

Hand-Selected Spirits

Here at Mayhew, we believe in the art of the cocktail. We like to keep a solid mix of the classics, with some craft and small-batch spirits thrown in!

Specialty Food Provisions

Specialty food from local farms and artisans include: cheese, breads, crackers, jams, spreads, chocolates and more.

Mayhew’s Food and Beverage Specialists are available to create beautiful collections of wine, beer, and food for personal enjoyment or gift-giving.  It’s all in the pairing!